Millennial Brewing Co.

About Millennial

About Millennial

Multi-tasking, connected, and tech-savvy are all terms used to describe the quintessential Millennial.  So who are we?  We are Millennials who have a dream.  No different than all the generations before us, we seek to make a difference.  To make an impact on the world through creating a one-of-a-kind community of beer lovers.  We pair passion with a strong work ethic and technology to create a singular craft beer and member experience.  Add to this a never-ending commitment to the community we love and there’s nothing we can’t do.   250+ local charities supported since 2017 and the number continues to grow.   We won’t stop giving back. Ever.

Kyle Cebull – Founder

I’ve loved beer for as long as I can remember.  Once I paired up with a skilled brewmaster, everything fell right into place.  I served our country for five years as a Sergeant in the USMC right outside Washington, DC.  I followed that up with 10 years of being immersed the SWFL business market, making connections, and helping people.  All of my previous experience with leadership and business lead me right into starting Millennial Brewing.

I was born in Sandusky, OH (home of the famous Cedar Point) and moved to SWFL when I was six years old.  I have always loved Southwest Florida and appreciate it more each day.  I enjoy golfing, boating and hanging out at the beach with the family.  I have two beautiful children, Kyle Jr. and Amelie.  They are my motivation, my everything and my hope is to create something that they will be just as proud of as I am.  That’s why Millennial Brewing exists.  To create more than just a group of “regulars” that hang out at the brewery, to create a singular community of people that are just as committed to the community and the art of brewing as we are.  In that way, and as a direct result of its community, Millennial Brewing will be unlike any other brewery in the world.  We are so excited to share our dream with each and every one of you.

Millennial Brew Team

Brewer – Ralph Sprandl Jr.

The Millennial Brew team is like none other in the state.  Our Brewer, Ralph Sprandl Jr., is a self-taught, passionate curator of craft beer production.   He served our country in the United States Marine Corps, and then our community as a Lee County Sheriff Deputy.   Now, he expresses his love for beer right here in the Millennial brewhouse and crafts recipes that are true to style with his own unique flavor.   We are so excited to have him take the helm and lead us into the next evolution of our beverage offerings.

Millennial Customer Experience Team

Our customer experience team leads the front of house operation with ease and skill.   Erin Williams applies her leadership experience in education and many years of hospitality experience to deftly maneuver the variety of service and event management elements of Millennial Brewing.  Stephanie Bilske brings to bear her vast amount of management and service experience within the craft beer industry every day delivering the absolute best customer experience and contributing to the never ending innovation with events, beer naming and more that is required to keep Millennial at the forefront of the craft beer scene in SWFL. Erin and Stephanie lead our front of house team of dynamic customer service dynamos and ensure every customer has a great time here at Millennial!