Community Is Everything

Community Is Everything

The Southwest Florida community in which we were raised is so important to us.

We make every attempt to exemplify the type of brand that not only looks out for our community, but goes above and beyond. Our whatever-it-take attitude has taken on causes like Clean Water, childhood cancer, blood cancer, animal welfare, social equality, LGBT rights, youth programs, and more. In fact, with your support we’ve been able to provide tens of thousands in beer donation and direct monetary donations to over 120 different causes. 

At all times you can trust us to operating under the guidelines provided to us by our local and state DBPR representatives. 

Previously when bars were closed, prior to Phase 2 reopening, we received guidance that all the breweries could operate in an exception to bar closures if a food truck was onsite. All local breweries opened up prior to bars opening up after discovering this exception. 

In order to continue to provide our community with events, great beer, support social justice causes and every cause under the sun in SWFL, we will revert back to the guidelines given to all breweries when bars were last closed. 

We believe that we can continue to operate in adherence to guidelines and keep people safe. Delivery and Contactless Curbside have been re-added to ensure we serve all our customers and give them the options best for them. 

Your safety is our #1 priority. That has not and will never change.
Masks in the taproom. 
Social distancing guidelines.
Proper sanitary procedures.

We have an will continue to adhere to these guidelines and are staying in close touch with local agencies to ensure that we are operating within the guidelines that make the most sense within the information we’ve been provided. 

We trust you to be safe.
Trust us.

We want to be here with you to change the world on the other side. Every single day, your support allows us to do that. 

We couldn’t be more grateful.

Amber and Kyle Cebull, Owners
Millennial Brewing Company